February 28, 2017

12-12:30 PM EDT

Salesforce for Nonprofits - An Introduction

Rapid Technologies is excited to announce an upcoming webinar on February 28th where we'll be discussing how over 30,000 nonprofits are using Salesforce to save time, save money and transform their organization.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of the end-to-end nonprofit solution for managing fundraising, donors, volunteers, etc.

  • Introduction to the Power of Us program thru which Salesforce has donated over $250M of product to nonprofits

  • Information on how a qualified nonprofit can receive 10 complimentary licenses

Already, a Salesforce customer?

  • Rapid Technologies donates 40 hours of Salesforce consulting time each quarter to a nonprofit, so please reply with your nonprofit's name for consideration.

  • Inquire about the special nonprofit rate for the 2017 Dreamforce conference!

Please contact info@raptek.com for any questions or additional information.