Ensuring Solution Adoption thru User & Technical Education

Instructor-LeD & Web-Based Training

Training for ServiceNow & BMC Software

  • Technical End user focused; great user interface

  • Designed based on customer feedback

  • Always available and self paced

  • Accommodate a large number of users

  • Navigate to any topic that you want to learn about

  • Demos and “Try-It” exercises allow for great interaction

  • Leverage WBTs as a job aid to be more productive

  • Great reference tool for training reinforcement

  • Unique Delivery Options

  • Small investment in training helps larger investment succeed!



Best Practices Education Offering for...ITIL, DevOps, and Cloud

  • ITIL - The "Defacto Standard" for Service Management...providing training classes from ITIL Foundations to Expert and everything in between including ITSM Simulation.

  • DevOps - delivering courses to enable Development Practices + the Operational Environment to work cohesively under a common framework.

  • Cloud - certification courses to help your organization embrace/adopt cloud computing...from basic understanding to full management of a cloud environment.