It is our intent to provide your organization a higher level of service, as representative of the following Rapid Technologies Support benefits:

  • A dedicated senior engineer for ongoing support via phone, web, and email. By having a dedicated engineer assigned, this will enable us to more promptly address your issues as we build our knowledge of your environment.
  • Rapid Technologies Level 1 Support Desk will have direct access to the software manufacturer's support to quickly escalate issues if required. We will be responsible for the ongoing follow-up to ensure that the escalated issue is addressed promptly.

  • The software manufacturer will continue to provide your organization bug fixes, patches or workarounds and new releases or versions, to the extent they are furnished to all other Support customers without additional charge.

  • In addition to having our own development lab, we will utilize Webex or VPN to troubleshoot issues.

  • Provide a more complete service offering to your organization (i.e. not only provide software resell and consulting services, but support services as well).

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Contact Support


Phone:  877.727.8350


Support Levels & Hours

Support OfferingsHours of OperationInitial Response Goals
Rapid Technologies Fast-Track SupportLocal Business Hours 7am-7pm
M-F (Excludes holidays)
S1 = 1 Business Hour
S2 = 2 Business Hours
S3 = 4 Business Hours
S4 = 6 Business Hours
Rapid Technologies Continuous SupportSeverity 1 24 hours x 7 days (Includes published holidays)
Severity 2-4 Local Business Hours 7am-7pm, M-F (Excludes published holidays)
S1 = 1 Clock Hour
S2 = 2 Business Hours
S3 = 4 Business Hours
S4 = 6 Business Hours
Severity LevelSeverity Criteria
S1Critical Service Impact
Issue critically affects the primary business service, major application, or mission critical system. Customer resources should be available and willing to work on a 24x7 basis with Rapid Technologies to resolve the issue. Characteristics of a Severity 1 issue include:
  • Business service is not operational
  • Production system crashes
  • Data integrity at risk
  • Production backup and recovery operations fail
S2Significant Service or Implementation Impact
The business service, major application, or system is seriously affected or implementation stopped. No acceptable workaround is available.
S3Moderate Service Impact
The business service, major application, or system is moderately impacted, no data has been lost, and the business service, application, or system is still functioning. The issue may be temporarily circumvented using an available workaround.
S4No Service Impact
Non-critical issues, general questions, enhancement requests, or documentation issues