Raptek Summer Series: 3 of 6, IT as an End to End Service

In our latest interview (part 3 of 6) with Gordon Hodgson, resident Process Architect with Rapid Technologies', we discuss "IT as an End to End Service."


Matt Duntsch: "You mentioned IT needs to run like a business, what do you mean by an end to end service?"

Gordon Hodgson:  "Basically an end to end service within the IT organization, you are looking at people, process, and technology.  

You are trying to take a lot of the steps and the middle people out of that picture, so that the service can be provided directly to the customer, your customer which is the business that you are working in.

And you are going through a very streamlined process to get there.  You don’t have to hand it off to a lot of middle people along the way.  So an end to end services begins with the IT, with the technology, with a streamlined process, so that you end up delivering to the customer in a more efficient, faster, and cheaper methodology.  

That’s the high level view of what an end to end service is in my mind."