Raptek Summer Series: 4 of 6, Should I follow ITIL to the letter?

In our latest interview (part 4 of 6) with Gordon Hodgson, resident Process Architect with Rapid Technologies', we discuss whether to follow ITIL to the letter.


Matt Duntsch: "Should I follow ITIL to the letter?"

Gordon Hodgson:  "In a word, no.  Because remember, we go back and we look at ITIL, and ITIL is a framework.  It is a framework that we work within to design the way we want to do IT Service Management.  There are a number of things in there certainly that we want to glean from that,  and we want to make work for us.

But the whole concept of ITIL in my mind was to take this framework and design your systems so they work for your company.  And everybody is going to be a little bit different.  If you take ITIL and it becomes a religion, and you say, oh no, I got to follow this, I've got to do that, I've got to do this.  

You tend to be very prescriptive in the way in which you design your services, and it might be more administration than you really need. You put in the administration and the heavy lifting where you need it.  

But you don’t just simply put take this ITIL thing and try it and push into your operations.  To follow ITIL to the letter, exactly, absolute not.  I would not recommend that at all. I would simply use it as it was designed, it’s a framework.  

Pick and choose from there what works for your organization.  Really what you're trying to do is get your IT organization under control.  That’s the whole goal.  We want it under control, we want to run it like a business, we want to be cost efficient, and we want to provide services to our business community as quickly, and rapidly, and cheaply if you will, as possible.  

And if we took the entire framework of all five disciplines within ITIL and tried to do that in any one organization, I think it would be prescriptive and you wouldn't be able to accomplish what you want to do.  

Use it as a framework, take the good from it, leave the rest behind, and make this process work for your organization."