Raptek Summer Series: 1 of 6, IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Last week I sat down with Rapid Technologies' process expert Gordon Hodgson, former CIO of World Vision to discuss multiple topics.  IT as a Service is our first installment in a 6 part series centered on ITSM in the Enterprise.


Matt Duntsch: What does it mean for an IT organization to move to IT as a Service?

Gordon Hodgson: IT as a service is the way in which we are now looking to deliver technology.  It is a mindset that every IT organization, if they haven't developed, certainly needs to going forward.  

Because at the end of the day, all we provide in IT is a service.

There was an article written a number of years ago by a guy named Nicholas Carr,  who was a professor at Harvard, and he wrote an article back in May of 2003, and he basically said IT doesn't matter.  

And of course all the prevailing people who were involved in IT at the time got very upset and said, 'what do you mean it doesn't matter?'

But his concept was that IT is a commodity, it is something that is delivered like electricity or water.   Its a service that is provided by the IT organization.

So the technology whether you deliver it from the cloud, whether you deliver it from on-prem, doesn't really matter to the end user.  The end user who is the business is concerned about the service that you are providing.

Whether its email service, video conferencing service, doesn't really matter.  The services you are providing are just that.

And the business for the most part doesn't really care about the technology or the delivery method, what they care about is the end result.

So as we look at moving into the mindset of thinking IT as a service, we need to start realizing that's all we are really doing, is we are providing a service.

As we look at our organizations, we streamline them, so that we can in fact deliver that service faster and cheaper than we were before.

So that’s the concept we are going to. And as I said, most organizations are doing that.  

As you take away, we talked earlier about end to end services, you take away the siloed approach to IT, and you realize that we are providing this to the business and that’s our sole purpose for living is to support that business of operations.

What we do and how we deliver it, is the direct result of the service and satisfaction levels that our business receives.

That’s where I look at software as a service, or IT as service, that’s all it is, I’m providing a service to my end user, and that’s the business community."