Becoming a Proactive IT Operation

Man that’s a loaded title, isn’t it?! But it’s one of the key objectives we often hear when speaking with IT leaders.

How does a struggling, reactive team move from:


Hunting down unknown root causes to outages and degradation
Routing and re-routing requests and incidents
Constant stream of inbound calls and emails (sometimes just for a status update)

To finding problems before they’re PROBLEMS...
To spending a majority of their time adding.

ServiceNow CSM + Salesforce CRM: Better Together

The Raptek Perspective on Enterprise Customer Service
As a current ServiceNow partner, and former Salesforce partner, Rapid Technologies has a unique perspective on best practices for Enterprise Customer Service through experience with both solutions. A frequent conversation with our customers is whether a company that wants to have long-term positive engagements with their customers should choose Salesforce or ServiceNow.

Top 5 favorites from the ServiceNow Paris release

It’s a new release, and with it comes so much opportunity!

As we say (every six months) “ServiceNow is constantly innovating” and the Paris release is no different. With a huge reinvestment annually in product development, it’s no wonder that ServiceNow retains it’s Gartner Magic Quadrant leadership

Paris offers some of the most impressive improvements around how we leverage the platform for our customers.

CMDB Rebuild Best Practices

A current CMDB user isn’t getting the promised glory from their CMDB. They have an exorbitant amount of CIs, they may be linking to changes, but the accuracy may be off, they may have legacy or old data which isn’t reliable, and they often feel that the organization as a whole cannot comfortably say, my CMDB is trustworthy and actionable.

ServiceNow CSM: When to Go Pro

Lots of businesses know that Customer Service Management Professional provides access to native machine learning, virtual agents and analytics to make your service desk more flexible, more efficient and more forward looking. But when is the right time to start using it? Well, the easy answer is, “as soon as possible,” since part of the value of the solution is to help you make these kinds of decisions, but let’s not get too ‘chicken and egg’ here and look at when your service desk will be ready to ‘go Pro’.

Predictive Intelligence: A good indication for Pro is when you are looking to improve your response and resolution times and reduce the number of times a case category or assignment has to be changed.

Great turnout for Tuesday’s Run!

Community is at the core of Raptek, and hosting Tuesday’s Run on May 2nd (our annual virtual charity run/walk) is just one of the ways we like to give back in the communities where our customers and employees reside. Given the current “virtual” time that we’re in, we saw many leverage the event as a good team building activity and the overall turnout from customers, partners, colleagues, friends and family was impressive!

Check out a few of these smiling faces and many more here (see, running isn’t so bad after all)!

Similar to last year, 100% of the event registration and any additional donations which totaled $5900.00 this year went directly to the Children's Hospital of each participant’s choosing.