Employee Onboarding and Experience (using ServiceNow)

Employee Onboarding and Experience (using ServiceNow)


The story of Nick and Carla at ACME Corp

Nick has two weeks until Day 1 at ACME Corp. Carla, his manager-to-be, has a slew of tasks for Nick to complete, docs to acknowledge/sign, and requests for equipment/access to be made.

Most orgs know this painfully well...employee onboarding. Yet so many have seen a familiar story unfold...a missed email for a request...turns into a missing laptop Day 1. A forgotten task to complete the Direct Deposit form, turns into a delayed first check, sent by snail mail.

Here are a few things ACME could incorporate using ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, to make Nick’s first impression a memorable one (in a good way) and Carla’s job facilitating, an easy one...

When Building the Process, Start From the New-Hire, Out

In an unstructured scenario, Nick and Carla simply need to know the (several) tasks requiring completion...And who to connect with at ACME to fulfill.

Those fulfillment teams may even have well-established processes for intake of service requests. However, that does little if the request itself was forgotten/missed by Carla/Nick and they’re scrambling on Day 1.

A better scenario takes into account, everything that Nick will possibly need to have by the time he starts on Day 1. No guesswork for Nick or Carla. He works down a checklist on ServiceNow’s Mobile App. Required docs, routed appropriately. Req’s for fulfillment, submitted well in advance. Potential Day 1 problems are eliminated.


Hold Accountability. Enable Teams to Easily Deliver.

In an unstructured process, there can be times where a fulfillment/support team simply doesn’t have much accountability...maybe even a poor service-intake process.

People leaders at ACME need to understand...what teams are responsible for Nick’s onboarding experience? What are realistic SLA’s that we can hold these teams accountable to?

And most importantly, how can we ENABLE these teams to meet those SLA’s with a low level of effort? In some scenarios, Nick might even be able to “help himself” through Knowledge Articles, without any interaction from these teams. (i.e. Reviewing Benefit/401K info)

Cover the Variables

The steps to be taken, docs to be signed, equipment provided and software provisioned...can all vary based on the role of the new-hire. Or on the location. (International? State-Level requirements?)

People Ops should collaborate with their peers across ACME to understand how to best set up their new employees for success using Lifecycle Events builder.

And from there, build out the “Onboarding Event” tasks that should be set up as a result.

Once Stable, Enhance!

Nick may appreciate the easy experience of checking to-do’s off the list and finding what he needs through self-service.

But there are also opportunities to provide an experience for Nick that reflects ACME Corp’s awesome culture...

  • A personalized Welcome Letter from the CEO
  • A task for Carla to assign an “Onboarding Buddy”
  • Company Culture/Values hype video for Nick to watch before Day 1

Don’t Stop at Onboarding

Keep the additional moments-that-matter in mind. How do you workflow a transition to another department? A promotion? Relocation? International relo? 1st year ann’y? 5 year?

All of these moments can be driven by a low-friction process, reminding Nick why he came to ACME in the first place.

Even a smooth offboarding goes a long way in how Nick views ACME after leaving. And who he recommends them to as a Great Place to Work.

Ultimately, any key moment in the employee journey requires significant collaboration. But Onboarding is a beast of a process. If done right, can retain top talent and lower the cost of turnover in any organization.

Rapid Technologies is here to help map out the best approach for your onboarding process. Reach out at info@raptek.com!