Top 5 favorites from the ServiceNow Paris release

Top 5 favorites from the ServiceNow Paris release


It’s a new release, and with it comes so much opportunity!

As we say (every six months) “ServiceNow is constantly innovating” and the Paris release is no different. With a huge reinvestment annually in product development, it’s no wonder that ServiceNow retains it’s Gartner Magic Quadrant leadership

Paris offers some of the most impressive improvements around how we leverage the platform for our customers.

Top Five Favorites from the Paris Release

  • ITOM:
    • Service Graph Connectors: We all know how difficult it can be to get good data into the CMDB. Especially when we have multiple discovery tools. Service Graph connectors make it simple. Easy to use integrations for many of the top point discovery solutions. SCCM, JAMF, Extrahop, Solarwinds, Intune, Bigfix, Istio, DataDog are ingested into the CMDB via a Robust Transform Engine.
  • Customer Service Management
    • Playbooks for Customer Service Management: A top priority for many customer service organizations is a standardization of experience. Playbooks guide agents as they work with customers, to increase efficiencies and allow for agents to collaborate with middle office teams.
  • Field Service Management
    • Contractor Management: Finally, a platform which makes it easy for you to organize and dispatch your subcontractors while tracking their progress and work within the portal.
  • Connected Operations - A BRAND NEW APPLICATION!
    • Brings IOT into the ServiceNow Workflow engine.
    • Operations Workspace. Leverage digital workflows for incident investigation, triage, and remediation based on IoT data. Take action across departments by creating IT service requests, customer service cases, or field service work orders.
    • IoT Rule Engine: Specify when IoT data triggers an event without writing code. Layer in business context from the ServiceNow CMDB to create IoT Events or trigger workflows.
  • Human Resources Service Delivery
    • HR Agent Workspace: All of the innovative Agent Workspace capabilities within IT and Customer Service are now being brought together for HR Agents as well. Deliver the same level of effectiveness for HR teams working to solve people problems.

Paris Upgrades: Where to Find Best Practices

As mentioned in our upgrade post on Virtually Going to NY, moving to a new version may seem daunting but with a well-structured upgrade and test plan there is no reason to lose sleep. Check out the Paris Upgrade Best Practices provided by ServiceNow here.

As a boutique ServiceNow partner, Raptek is here to help you make the most out of the new features launched in Paris.

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