ServiceNow CSM: When to Go Pro

ServiceNow CSM: When to Go Pro


Lots of businesses know that Customer Service Management Professional provides access to native machine learning, virtual agents and analytics to make your service desk more flexible, more efficient and more forward looking. But when is the right time to start using it? Well, the easy answer is, “as soon as possible,” since part of the value of the solution is to help you make these kinds of decisions, but let’s not get too ‘chicken and egg’ here and look at when your service desk will be ready to ‘go Pro’.

Predictive Intelligence: A good indication for Pro is when you are looking to improve your response and resolution times and reduce the number of times a case category or assignment has to be changed. Predictive Intelligence not only helps automatically categorize, route and assign your current cases, it learns while doing so to improve the more you use it.

Predictive Intelligence will also learn as you add new issues, new products and new groups for assignment so if your company expects a period of growth in these areas, moving to CSM Professional can help you save time and effort, making those transitions smoother.

Virtual Agents with Natural Language Understanding: Over half of customers abandon online purchases if they can’t find a quick answer and almost three quarters say the best way to provide good service is to value their time, so having Virtual Agent workbots on your chat systems is an easy choice to help provide immediate service.

With Professional, Natural Language Understanding transforms this experience from a phone tree or web menu into a more natural interaction of normal language questions and answers. ServiceNow has embedded the programming and technical expertise necessary to an easy to model conversational identification and workflows into an easy to use graphical tool, no programmers needed and thrown in a few pre-packaged for you to use immediately.

If you have a high volume of customer interactions, particularly of infrequent or one-time contacts, and/or you want to open a new text channel for a large group of customers, say on Slack, this should be an excellent fit.

Performance Analytics: It was mentioned earlier that CSM Pro, if you already had it, would help you make this decision, and this is how. Standard reporting and dashboards do an excellent job of giving a current overview of your service desk, first touch time, numbers by category and priority, SLA compliance, etc.

Many companies will take reports over time and feed them into a data warehouse where 3rd party analytics determine trends and run scenarios. Performance Analytics embeds this into your system directly, giving you access to real time analysis to not only see past trends and current status but to forecast those trends into the future. Track how changes in assignments, in agent resources, new products or services compare to previous changes and have robust tools to predict how new changes will affect your customer service desk.

The system can also alert you and your agents to emerging issues so you can get out ahead and proactively engage with customers to fix them by providing information in the same dashboard formats you already have. If you have a rapidly evolving customer base or product line, coordinate a wide variety of customer service resources or need to efficiently utilize high value resources, Performance Analytics, Pro version is worth looking at.

Every service desk is on a slightly different path, but we’re all on the same journey to improve Customer Service and Experience. There are some general use cases above that apply to most businesses but what we’d really like to do is help you find the mix of solutions that is best suited to your customer service desk. If you’d like to know more, RapTek is here to help make sense of where to start and why.