Let’s (Virtually) Go To New York: Top Five Favorites of ServiceNow’s New York Release

Let’s (Virtually) Go To New York: Top Five Favorites of ServiceNow’s New York Release

New York? You mean Orlando, right?

Before we head to the ServiceNow Orlando release, there are still several organizations who fall into one of two categories:

  1. They’re planning an upgrade to New York soon, to stay “one release back”.
  2. Or they’ve JUST completed the upgrade and are now asking “What next?”

Regardless of scenario, our Sr. ServiceNow Consultant, Tommy Morris, is sharing five favorite enhancements worth knowing about in New York and how to plan that upgrade.

Top Five Favorites from the New York Release

  • Updated Virtual Agent (ITSM)
    • With Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the Virtual Agent can now comprehend text entries from your end-users. NLU can use only-keywords for a quicker ROI or use all-NLU which offers a better end-user experience.
    • There are also 22 additional pre-built conversation topics to help to expand your conversation library. Simply make a copy of the out of box conversation and adjust the new copy as your end-users’ needs.
  • Create a Case on Behalf of Customers (Customer Service Management)
    • This feature allows an internal user to create a case on behalf of a customer. This particular user is normally in a customer-facing role such as sales.
    • Prior to New York, internal users needed an ITIL or customer service type of role to create a case.
  • Knowledge Base Enhancements
    • Using the Information applet in the updated mobile app will allow users to access knowledge articles while on the go.
    • Knowledge Search can now be configured to skip indexing or outage and retired articles. This improvement ensures that the results returned are more relevant.
    • Retired articles may now be republished without requiring an approval workflow. This will be useful for the times when an article retires automatically and needs to be quickly republished.
  • NOW Mobile
    • Enable applets out of the box or create custom applets for use in NOW Mobile which can be used as landing pages for the mobile app.
    • Users can submit requests, track their status, and update the request. There is also the availability to view their assets and report an issue linking the impacted asset.
    • Agents can accept, update, and close work tasks directly from the mobile app.
    • NOW Mobile is available across the platform in New York so not only will IT agents have access to their ITSM modules, but end-users can access CSM functionality as well as the HR Mobile Onboarding feature.
  • Service Catalog Enhancements
    • Domain separation has been made much easier and catalog items may now be restricted without requiring user criteria. Catalog items, record producers, and order guides can be data domain-separated, however variables and variable sets are not.
    • The “My Requests” mobile applet can be modified for better mobile experience. It can show tasks, incidents, and requests using one filter.
    • New roles have been added. Granular roles can further restrict access for request read and request write. Business stakeholder roles can be activated which allows stakeholders to read, approve, and report on ITSM records.

Upgrade Planning Best Practices

Moving to a new version may seem daunting, but with a well-structured upgrade and test plan, there is no reason to lose any sleep. The following steps can be used as a quick guide through the process:

  • Review the release notes and product specific upgrade tasks
  • Plan a development freeze period
    • Migrate completed development from Dev to Prod
    • Backup any Update Sets which are still In Progress
  • Clone the Production instance over the Development instance
  • Validate the successful clone
  • Schedule the upgrade through HI
  • Once the upgrade is complete record the amount of skipped records and process the Skipped Records in the Upgrade Monitor
  • Conduct smoke tests against the platform
  • Using documented test cases, test all custom processes and validate that the correct notifications are triggering
  • Upgrade and validate any remaining sub-prod instances starting with the clone step
    • The skipped record count on the next instance should be close to the first upgraded instance
    • Perform UAT against the second instance
  • Schedule the Production instance upgrade
  • Monitor the upgrade and process the skipped records
  • Validate the instance in the same manner as the sub-prod instances

Here in the next month, we’ll be showing the ServiceNow Orlando release it’s well-deserved spotlight.

Until then, hopefully this provides an idea on where you can find quick wins in New York. AND...the upgrade itself is not as daunting as it seems if planned the right way.

As a boutique ServiceNow partner, RapTek is here to help you make that (virtual) trip to New York and quickly take advantage of the enhancements made.