"simple mobility for end users"

rMobility….a simple mobile solution where any end user can submit a BMC Remedy request, update, check status and approve via any mobile device.

rMobility - features & benefits

  • Feature:  Quick/easy access from any modern mobile browser to view, update and create new Requests.

  • Benefit:  Call avoidance while increasing customer satisfaction - end users don’t need to call in to check the status of their open requests

  • Feature:  Works on any modern browser

  • Benefit:  No apps to install by the end user - no apps to support by internal IT

  • Feature:  Responsive Design so rMobility can be used on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop

  • Benefit:  Same content and end user experience regardless of device

rMobility - pricing

Base Subscription - site license:

  • Year 1:  Free, unlimited users, install/support yourself
  • $7500 annual support fee thereafter.

Premium Subscription - site license:

  • Year 1:  $7500 upfront, unlimited users, includes install/support
  • $7500 annual support fee thereafter.

Optional Add-On:

rMobility Hosted:  $2500/year add-on to Base or Premium Subscription.


rMobility - test drive

Try out rMobility on our demo system.  


login: chris
password: rmobility


rMobility - free install

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rMobility Wiki

rMobility documentation can be found on the rMobility Wiki