Software Consulting

Since 1996, customers have trusted Rapid Technologies consulting services to ensure successful project deployments.  Rapid Technologies implements and supports technologies and processes that provide scalable, adaptable solutions, which improve an organization’s Support and Delivery efficiencies. As a part of this service offering, we have developed a process-oriented approach to delivering industry leading software solutions such as BMC Software and Salesforce. 


Rapid Technologies expert consulting services can provide organizations assistance during the initial planning/assessment phase all the way through implementation and training for the following solutions: 

  • ITSM practice:  BMC Software (Remedy, Remedyforce)
  • CRM practice:  Salesforce (Service Cloud, Sales Cloud), Salesforce for Nonprofits

 Rapid Technologies offers flexible services solutions depending on the needs of your organization - ranging from full implementation project assistance to “shared” projects whereby both Rapid Technologies and the customer share certain project deployment responsibilities.  Some of the implementation services provided by Rapid Technologies include the following: 

  • Assistance with Implementation Assessment / Planning
  • Conduct Workshops and breakout sessions to analyze requirements
  • Provide assistance in setting up configurations/integrations and/or review work done by the customer.
  • Perform internal unit testing and provide support for User Acceptance Testing, Roll-out and Go Live.
  • Blocks of Consulting Time to be used as needed/required. 
  • Think of a scenario that would be best for your organization, and we’ll build a services proposal around it. 

 Try It:  Complimentary one hour planning session with a senior consultant for your next project!

Nonprofit Organization, already using Salesforce?

Rapid Technologies donates 40 hours of Salesforce consulting time each quarter to a nonprofit, so please email with your nonprofit's name for consideration.

2016 recipients:

  • Q1: Detroit Transportation Riders United (TRU)
  • Q2: Denver Scholarship Foundation
  • Q3: Peace Village and Birch Community Services

Remedy Upgrade Toolkit

Rapid Technologies offers the Remedy Upgrade Toolkit to help you get to the latest versions of Remedy. Upgrades are not "one size fits all," that's why our toolkit takes into account:

  • Upgrade Best Practices
  • Web-Based Training to prepare for organization change
  • Gap Analysis for preparedness between current/ future state
  • Solution Workshops to identify roadmap
  • Proven implementation methodology
  • Follow up check-ups

Managed Services

Rapid Technologies is also able to offer remote admin and development support for your BMC Software and Salesforce applications, which may involve the following administration tasks:

  • Application configuration
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Addressing reported problems by users
  • Investigating and implementing application changes or customizations
  • Provide a knowledge resource and feedback to IT and liaison for project proposals and IT tasks
  • Monthly review meeting to go over regular changes, present project proposals and discuss development path of the system.
  • Documentation of new functionality and/or maintenance requirements from changes implemented.

Process Consulting

Rapid Technologies provides ITIL consulting services to assist organizations in developing a best-practice framework for Business Service Management. Since ITIL is an organizational change project, the suggested ITIL project approach would begin with a careful analysis of the current environment. This would include an analysis of strategic direction, current operating structures and processes, the business environment as it relates to the IT department, as well as existing customer satisfaction metrics and baseline operating data. Rapid Technologies will work closely with IT management to identify areas of expected resistance, desired courses of action, project constraints and internal resources that will be critical to project success.

This information is then compiled within a document that includes findings, reference materials, and operating information pertinent to meaningful discussion of process and capability maturity. It could also include an ROI and/or TCO calculation if requested. This analysis would serve as an umbrella reference document, from which a project scope and recommendations could be defined, accompanied by project requirements that would enable decisions to be made regarding the proper courses of action.


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