BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite

The BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite reduces complexity and makes customer support, change management, and asset management integrated and efficient.

Asset Management

BMC Remedy Asset Management is a highly adaptable solution that enables IT professionals to track and manage enterprise assets – and their changing relationships – throughout the entire asset lifecycle. As part of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite, BMC Remedy Asset Management is tightly integrated with BMC Remedy Service Desk, BMC Remedy Service Level Managementand BMC Remedy Change Management, and offers flexibility to support unique or highly customized business processes.
BMC Remedy Asset Management helps reduce the total cost of ownership of your assets and increase return on investment by synchronizing assets to business needs. It provides the following key capabilities to manage IT assets:

  • Financial management – consolidate asset costs from procurement to disposition, and allocate and track costs to cost centers
  • Contract management – track the status, type, terms, conditions, payments and other vital information regarding lease, software, warranty and maintenance contracts
  • Inventory management – track and manage individual assets, components or bulk items, with automatic notifications to alert the appropriate people when inventory thresholds are reached
  • Reconciliation – maintain the integrity of your asset repository through reconciling assets entered from disparate data sources, such as ERP systems, inventory & discovery tools and barcode scanner
  • Reporting – report on asset-related information to make informed management decisions about asset management

BMC Remedy Asset Management works seamlessly with the BMC Atrium CMDB and the other applications in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite. All this translates into a reduced cost of ownership, an increased return on investment and better synchronization of asset information across your organization.





BMC Remedy Change Management gives IT managers and change planners the comprehensive capabilities for planning and deploying changes smoothly and effectively. It enables you to assess the impact, risk and resource requirements associated with changes, and to create plans and automate approval functions to implement those changes. Equally significant, BMC Remedy Change Management provides scheduling and task assignment capabilities as well as tools for reviewing performance and improving processes after execution of your plan.

BMC Remedy Change Management automates the complete process of change management, from capture of request through implementation of change. It allows measurement of success and adjustment of processes or policies to continually improve support for the business.

  • Automated approval processing -by leveraging the power of the Remedy Approval Server, a range of audit trail and escalation capabilities keep change approvals moving forward. The system can accommodate hierarchical and peer-to-peer approvals, which paves the way for greater organizational support and acceptance of changes, as well as higher confidence in resource availability.
  • Task Sequencing and Dependency Enforcement -offers automated alerts and notifications for greater efficiency and higher quality of work
  • Associations -at all points in the progression of change tasks, views of all associated requests, service requirements and assets ensure that the full business context of change operations is always maintained, up-to-date and easily accessed on demand
  • Integration - Seamless integration to BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Remedy ServiceDesk, BMC Remedy Service Level Managementand BMC Remedy Asset Management enables change impact analysis by identifying affected users and assets, and ensures IT staff are aware of impending or recent changes so they are better able to support the business.

Key Differentiators

  • BMC is the only vendor totie together the process, implementation, and verificationcomponents of deploying IT changes - all based on a factory-architected, ITIL-based CMDB.

  • Year after year, BMC is acknowledged as theindustry leader in IT service management process automation. The combination of proven workflow, mature functionality and seamless integrations make BMC the market leader in change process tools.

  • BMC is theclear leader in CMDB implementations, a lynchpin in the BSM approach to IT process optimization (creating a shared model of IT-business dependencies).

  • Interactive Process Model: The BMC Service Management Process Modelaccelerates implementations up to 50% with a visual, step-by-step guide to implementing and performing ITIL service support best practicesusing BMC Remedy service management applications




Key Features & Benefits

  • Includes BMC Atrium CMDB, which provides support analysts with holistic views of how the IT infrastructure supports critical business services
  • Best practice Incident Management processes manage the entire incident resolution process in order to restore service as quickly as possible
  • Best practice Problem Management processes remove defects from the IT infrastructure, eliminate recurring incidents, and stabilize the environment
  • Tightly integrated Knowledge Base provides ready access to common solutions, known errors, and workarounds to expedite incident resolution
  • Self-service lets users search FAQs, known solutions, and workarounds to common issues to encourage user self-sufficiency and reduce call volumes
  • Ability to prioritize incidents according to business impact, allowing IT staff to focus efforts where it matters most


BMC Remedy Service Desk - Key Differentiators

BMC provides the only service desk with direct visibility into business problems.


  • BMC offers theNo. 1 CMDB that integrates processes seamlessly across disciplines.
  • Rapid Technologiesdeliversexpert training and services to align your service desk to ITIL quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Strong service desk consolidation capabilities - Scalable solutionsupports multi-tenancy and multi-lingual implementations
  • Built on aunique, unified, workflow architecture
  • Best choice by virtue of itsmarket leadershipandproven capabilities. BMC is theleader in Service Desk market(26.7% Global Market share in 2006) withmore than 2,700 service desk implementations.
  • Interactive Process Model: TheBMC Service Management Process Model accelerates implementations up to 50%with a visual, step-by-step guide to implementing and performing ITIL service support best practices using BMC Remedy service management applications.



BMC Service Level Management(SLM) enables you to quickly and easily establish and exceed service standards by automating and managing the service agreements between IT organizations and the lines of business they support. BMC SLM allows IT management to set reasonable user expectations and to align IT response to business requirements.
At the heart of BMCSLM is the SLA Creation Guide, used to quickly determine and establish:

  • Terms and Conditions – such as specific guaranteed response intervals
  • Actions – such as notifications, escalations and reassignments
  • Measurements – such as response time, resolve time or asset up-time


BMC SLM enhances BMC Remedy Service Deskand can be used in conjunction with BMC Remedy Change Management and BMC Remedy Asset Management. In addition, service levels can be attached to any application running on the Action Request System, thereby supporting the management of processes for which user-defined applications have been created.
BMCSLM can also be enhanced by Flashboards, to provide a complete management service level console. Remedy Flashboards is a real-time visual management tool that shows, at a glance, activity within an organization at any given moment. It alerts employees and management alike to key trends in time to seize opportunities and proactively address potential problems. You can set thresholds that trigger visual warnings and alarms when exceeded, notifying you immediately when an activity level is not meeting expectations. Flashboards and BMC SLM work together to present IT managers with real-time visual metrics to ensure service teams meet or exceed service level agreements.